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Favorite Links!

Disclaimer: I have identified the following links as possible helpful resources.  I do not necessarily endorse everything you will find at these websites. Some sites may require registration (free or paid) to view certain content. Always use caution on the Internet. If you notice dead links or have suggested links to add, please let me know:


Buying a car?  Try, or, or Consumer Reports for helpful advice and tools.


Consumer Links


Student Savings Guide - Helpful tips for college students (by a grad student)

Consumer Reports - Unbiased product analysis

Product Recalls - Government database of recalls

Ripoff Report - Private complaint site

Federal Trade Commission - Regulations to protect consumers and fair competition

Better Business Bureau - certifies track record of businesses

Food & Drug Administration - Regulations

Consumer Action - Complete consumer assistance

Free Credit Reports - You can now get one free credit report per year from each of the three credit companies. Take advantage to make sure everything is accurate!

Be a responsible citizen!  Check out my page on how to recycle and protect the environment.

Get Human - Avoid waiting on hold! Look under Database for toll free numbers and tricks to      get a human.

Internet Marketing Links - Various Internet Resources

Search Engine Info  - Search engine optimization guide


Search Links


Google - America's favorite search engine

Federal Government - Main link to all government information

Wikipedia - Free encyclopedia (but not a valid academic source)


Advertising Links


Advertising Age - Leading magazine

Ad Council - Social responsibility movement

Media Alternatives - Nice explanations of media types

Ad Land - Assortment of ads and info

Adtrack Index - Analysis of current ad campaigns

Super Bowl Ads - History & Info on Super Bowl Ads


Marketing Research Links


Harris Poll - Market research company

Survey Monkey - Survey guide and tools for making your own online surveys

Market Research - Job site for college students/grads


Links for College Students


TWU College of Business

TWU Career Services - Never too soon to get help on career preparation!

Business Majors - Info about business majors

International Links  - Some free country information

CIA Factbook - Thorough profiles of countries

FITA - Great comprehensive site for world trade information

World Maps

Oanda - Currency site (with currency converter)

Time and Date - World clock 

World Atlas - world maps and much more! 

globalEDGE (TM) - Good resource center for all kinds of international marketing information and links 


News Links - good basic news site

C-SPAN - government-related news

BBC - news from a British Perspective

World News Sites - news media in English from all over

Fun Links


Popular Names - Social Security Administration site with full records of American birth names

Game Rules - rules for almost every game imaginable!

IMDB - huge site about movies and TV shows

Cartoons - cartoons and related links





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